Argo/zeta company

Representing Manufacturer’s for Electronic Assembly

Production Equipment, Materials and Tools

Solder  -  Solder Wire  - Solder Paste  - Solder Flux  - Solder Preforms  - Solder Washers  - Solder Cleaning  -  Wire Stripping  - Wire Crimping  - Cable Stripping  - Cable Processing  - AOI  - Inspection  - Software  - Tracability  - Harness  Moisture Control  - Rohs Tracking  -  Rework and Repair Systems  -  X-Ray Systems  -  Selective Solder Systems  -  Conformal Coating Systems  -  Conveyors  -  Material Handling  -  Pick and Place  - Placement Systems  -  Dispensing Systems

Solder—bar, wire, paste, performs  Flux—wave, paste flux, flux pens,

Stencils—laser, electroform, hybrid  PbFree Materials, Cleaning Materials

Oven Profilers—Solder Wave Profilers, Solder Pot Profilers

Software for Moisture Sensitive Device Control and Tracking

Software for Tracking and Traceability

Software for Line Control and Reliability

AOI—Automated Optical Inspection Systems

SPI—Solder Paste Inspection Systems

Innovative Laser Marking Systems

Selective Soldering Systems

                 Semi Auotmatic


                 Single Pot—Dual Pot—Multiple Pots

                 Topside and Bottom side preheating

                 Independent Fluxing and Preheating

                 Nitrogen Generators



Wire and Cable Processing—including cut/strip systems, strip only systems, cut only systems, Cut/Strip Terminate Systems, Crimping systems, Marking Systems, prefeeding and post feeding.

Automation Conveyors—including turns, inverters, accumulators, inspection stations, belt and chain.

Ultrasonic Welding—Metals plastics wire to wire, sealing

Ultrasonic Spray fluxing systems

Selective Coating and Dispensing Systems

Curing Ovens—UV and heat cure.

Soldering and Cleaning Systems

Wave Soldering  -   Batch and Inline Water Cleaning  - Stencil Cleaning

Repair and Rework System—BGA controlled rework automated and semi automatic

X-Ray systems for BGA inspection and general x-ray inspection.

Pick and Place Systems from entry level to high volume production.  Single and  Dual Lane

Innovative Solder Paste Printing Systems

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