Offering a full line of Automated Optical Inspection Equipment. Visit or for AOI equipment.
Automation and Robotics
A full line of products and services including robotics & custom automation and material handling systems. Visit for more info.
Conformal Coating
Providing world-class Parylene coating services to customers within the electronics, aerospace, military, marine and space exploration industries. Visit for more info.
ALPHA® EF-Series fluxes offer environmentally friendly benefits, while providing unmatched soldering performance. Visit for more info.
Materials & Tools
Visit our distribution website,, for all your material and tooling needs.
Metal Welding
Decade of Industry Experience offering a full line of metal welding equipment. Visit for more info.
HD 1080p Digital USB Microscopes, 4K Ultra HD Digital Microscpe and HD1080p and 4K Ultra HD Auto Focus Digital Microscopes for image and video capture with 2D and 3D measurement options. Visit
PCB Assembly
Highly reliable electronics assembly equipment for the surface mount technology (SMT), pin through hole (PTH), and microelectronics back-end packaging processes of any-mix circuit manufacturing. Visit for more info.
Reclaim and Recycling
Responsible Recycling Service for Solder Waste.

Visit for more info.
Selective Soldering
Offering a wide range of machine options to cover the complexity of global demand for electronics production. Visit for more info.
Solder Preforms
ALPHA® Solder Preforms are an enabling technology for the integration of PCBs into higher level assemblies, power semiconductor packages, and many other stand-alone soldering operations.
Visit for more info.
Solder Paste
Full line of technologically advanced solder pastes developed to provide high throughput and yield, and lowest cost of ownership for a wide range of applications. Visit for more info.
Solder Wire
For component attach, selective, rework and touch-up soldering for through-hole and surface mount technologies.
For SPI Equipment Visit or
Stencils and Tooling
Full line of products including stencils, wave solder pallets & tooling and RF Sheidling/Parts. Visit for more info.
Thermal Profling
Reliable profiling systems for circuit assembly manufacturing. Visit for more info.
Track, Trace, Control
Visit for all your track, trace, control and analytical needs.
Ultransonic Sprayers
A full line of Ultrasonic coating systems for applying precise, thin film coatings.
Visit for more info.
Wire Processing
Measure, Cut, Strip, Mark, Coil, Stack, Crimp and More.

Visit for more info.
Visit and for 3D X-Ray Equipment
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Materials and Tools
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